Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division, in an effort to ensure a healthy and safe community, administers a myriad of Public Health programs mandated by Ohio Law.  The division acts as an approved agent of the State and performs the duties locally for Clinton County.  The division is surveyed periodically by the State of Ohio to ensure that the prescribed duties of each program are being administered in accordance with the Ohio Administrative Code.

Environmental health

The programs are looked at in two distinct disciplines; the household sewage treatment, private water systems, and solid waste programs are designed to protect the surface and ground water of Clinton County and environmental health programs such as food service operations, public pools and spas, manufactured home parks, RV parks, and others are regulated to ensure the basic health, safety, and sanitation of the establishments for the citizens of the county.  Through these programs, the Health Department promotes continuing sanitation and maintenance practices that protect the public’s health, welfare, and safety.

Educating the public is another important service of the Environmental Health Division.  Providing information and help on many environmental concerns ranging from mold and bedbug remediation, private water system and sewage treatment maintenance and even tips for proper food handling for your summer and holiday parties is done by our staff on a daily basis.  Upon request we will develop presentations on any of our environmental programs or issues for school age groups, restaurant workers or any civic group or organization.  The Division also advises and collaborates with County and State agencies, as well as local county service groups and schools, on local environment concerns and land-development issues.

Staff & Contacts:

Matt Johannes, R.S., Environmental Health Director
Katie Burwinkel, R.S., Public Health Sanitarian

Stephanie Stewart, R.S., Public Health Sanitarian

Melanie Nienaber, Environmental Health Clerk

Phone: 937-382-7251
Email: info@clincohd.com

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