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The Food Safety Program provides technical assistance in all aspects of food safety to the food industry and the general public. The Food Safety Program annually licenses and routinely inspects food service operations and retail food establishments, including mobiles, temporary food events, and vending locations, in Clinton County.
 The goal of this program is to ensure that food sold in Clinton County is safe and served in a clean environment. The Food Safety Program strives to protect our communities from foodborne illnesses through education and enforcement of Ohio's Food Safety Regulations.
 Registered Environmental Health Specialists (REHS) are available to provide current information on food safe practices. 

Food Safety Program activities include, but not limited to:

License and inspect licensed food service operations and retail food establishments

Reviews and approves plans for all new and remodeled food facilities

Investigate customer complaints

Investigate foodborne illnesses and reports of contaminated food

Collect and analyze water samples from food facilities with private water systems

Provide food safety training

Clinton County Health District--Food Safety Training Flyer.pdf 

Food Safety Regulations:

Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code Chapter 3717-1 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

Chapter 3717 of the Ohio Revised Code related to food service operations and retail food establishments.

Chapter 3701-21 of the Ohio Administrative Code related to food service operations.

Chapter 901:3 of the Ohio Administrative Code related to retail food establishments.


Applications and Forms:

Temporary Food License Application

Mobile Food License Application

Complaint Form

*For other applications/forms, please send an email request with the application/form needed to 

*To return completed applications/forms, please email to, deliver in person or mail to 111 S. Nelson Ave. Suite 1 Wilmington, OH 45177


3-Sink set up - English

3-Sink set up - Spanish

Cooling Foods - English

Cooling Foods - Spanish

Thawing Foods - English

Thawing Foods - Spanish

Clean-up Guidance for Vomit/Fecal Accidents

Employee Illness Reporting Agreement

Ohio Person In Charge (PIC) Certification and Ohio Manager Certification in Food Protection Information:

Ohio Department of Health - Food Safety Certification

Additional Links/Resources:

Ohio Department of Health - Food Safety Program

Ohio Department of Agriculture - Food Safety Division

Food Recalls

Food Safety Program Contact Information:

111 S. Nelson Ave. Suite 1 Wilmington, OH 45177

937-382-7251 Option 4

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