Environmental Health

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The Environmental Health Division, in an effort to ensure a healthy and safe community, administers a myriad of Public Health programs mandated by Ohio Law.  The division acts as an approved agent of the State and performs the duties locally for Clinton County.  

Environmental health consists of two divisions- the household sewage treatment, private water systems, and solid waste programs are designed to protect the surface and groundwater of Clinton County and environmental health programs such as food service operations, public pools and spas, manufactured home parks, RV parks, and others are regulated to ensure the basic health, safety, and sanitation of the establishments for the citizens of the county.  Through these programs, the Health Department promotes continuing sanitation and maintenance practices that protect the public’s health, welfare, and safety.


Campgrounds and RV Parks
 Food Safety
  Private Water Systems

Water Sample Collection Directions

Well Disinfection Directions

  Public Health Nuisance

General Complaint Form

Licensed Facility Complaint Form

  Public Swimming Pools and Spas
  Rabies Monitoring
  Residential Sewage

Lot Improvement Application

Real Estate (Evaluation of Existing Household Sewage Treatment System) Application

 School Environments
  Smoke-Free Workplaces
  Tattoos and Body Piercing Establishments
  Pest Control Education


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For safety car seat appointments fill out the application and watch the video http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/service/c/ccic/injury-prevention/car-safety for your appointment.

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