Services Provided

The Child Support Unit provides the following Services:

Location of Parents

The Child Support Unit can assist Custodial Parents in finding where a non-custodial parent lives. Finding the location of the non-custodial parents is necessary to complete all other services provided by the Child Support Unit.

Paternity Establishment

The Child Support Unit can establish a legal Father/Child Relationship Duty of Support through Genetic Testing. In most cases this can be completed through the Administrative Process with no required court hearing. 

Establishing Child and Medical Support Orders

Once paternity has been determined, the Child Support Unit will establish an order for support through either the administrative process or the judicial process. One or both parents may be ordered to pay support based upon the circumstances. The Ohio Child Support Guidelines will be used to calculate the amount of child support the non-custodial parent/Obligor will be ordered to pay. A parent may also be ordered to provide medical insurance and a cash medical payment in addition to the child support payment.

Enforcement of the Child and Medical Support Orders

The Child Support Unite is responsible for the enforcement of both administrative and court ordered child and medical support orders. The Child Support Unit will use all appropriate means available to enforce a child and medical support order. Enforcement methods can include but are not limited to, Income Withholding Orders, state and federal tax return intercept, suspension of Drivers, Professional, or recreational license, and bringing legal action against the non-custodial parent.

Interstate Enforcement

Interstate Child Support Cases are governed by the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). This act provides the Child Support Unit the ability to assist parties in collecting child support when the non-custodial parent resides in another state. 

Collection and Disbursement of Child Support Payments

The State of Ohio utilizes a central processing unit called the Ohio Child Support Payment Central (CSPC) to collect and disburse all child support payments. The Child Support Unit maintains records of all payments.

Administrative Review and Adjustment

Child support orders may be reviewed every 36 months at the request of one of the parties. Additional criteria may qualify your order for a review prior to the 36 months. To request a review, you can find the form, Request for and Administrative Review of the Child Support Order under our forms section. 

Order Termination

There are several reasons a child support and medical support order may be terminated, including the emancipation of a child or a change in legal custody of a child. The Child Support Unit will investigate whether an order shall terminate upon the request of a party or through child support reports. 

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