Juvenile Probation


The Clinton County Juvenile Probation Department is a branch of the Clinton County Common Pleas Court, Juvenile Division. Our mission is to ensure that court orders are followed, and serve as appropriate role models for unruly/delinquent youth in the local community.



Juveniles who are placed on probation are provided an opportunity through probation to correct the behavior that initially caused them to be brought before the court. Probation includes such requirements as going to school regularly, obeying the rules and instructions of your parents or guardians, and obeying all Federal, State, and Local laws. Failure to abide the rules of probation and/or other court orders can result in further court action. For a complete listing of the Clinton County Juvenile Probation Rules, please contact our office.

Youth on probation are monitored closely in an effort to identify problem behaviors, potential negative influences, and other risk factors. The probation officer will assist the youth and their family in obtaining needed services through other agencies within the community, such as mental health counseling, anger management classes, drug and alcohol intervention, etc.


The Juvenile Diversion Program is an informal process that is utilized in lieu of formal court proceedings. It is primarily designed for first-time, non-violent offenders charged with misdemeanor offenses or possession of tobacco. The Diversion Program provides an opportunity for the youth to acknowledge responsibility for his/her actions without establishing a “formal” court record.  It further provides the youth and family with needed resources, and assists in the prevention of future unruly/delinquent behavior.


The Mediation Program is designed to address issues such as unruly behavior and truancy issues, in an attempt to improve the situation outside the formal court process. The Mediation Program provides an objective voice between parties such as the parent and child, or between family and school, resulting in behavior “contracts” being created and agreed upon by all parties.

Community Service Program

The Community Service Program is in operation during Spring Break and Summer Break. Youth assigned to this program complete work within Clinton County for non-profit entities. Community Service enables the youth to give back to the community and to accept responsibility for his/her actions.

Juvenile Probation maintains its own site available at https://www.clintoncountycourts.org/JuvenileServices/probation/ Please visit the website for more information. 

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