Adult Probation

Common Pleas Court Supervision Services

The following services are provided by the Clinton County, Ohio Common Pleas Court Supervision Department.

Clinton County Common Pleas Court Supervision Staff

Should you have any questions about our services, please contact us:

Supervision Officers

Duane Weyand, Chief Probation Officer – Director of Intensive Supervision
Phone: 937-382-8686 Ext. 1138
Fax: 937-383-1806

Intensive Supervision Officers

Elisa Harrison, CDCA
Phone: 937 382-8686 Ext. 1137

Brittany Patterson, CDCA
Phone: 937-382-8686 ext. 1121

James Crafton, LSW, Recovery Liaison
Phone: 937-382-8686 ext. 1141

You-turn Recover Docket /Intervention 

Brenda Harris, MS., LICDS-CS, Intervention Specialist
You-turn Recovery Docket Treatment Coordinator 
Phone: 937-382-8686 ext 1139

Elisa Harrison, CDCA
Phone: 937-382-8686 ext 1135

Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI)

Lyle Delph
Phone:  937-382-8686 ext 1140

General Information
Phone Numbers
Fax: 937-383-1806
Emergencies: Dial 911
46 South South Street
1st Floor, Suite 125