Clinton County Health District, OH Announces Next Phone Bank For COVID-19 Vaccinations -Scheduling for Ages 70 Years Old and Older


CCHD will be providing the Pfizer brand vaccine for these appointments. The Pfizer brand of vaccine is a 2-dose series given approximately 21 days apart and requires a special ultra-cold freezer to store safely.  The Board of Clinton County Commissioners used CARES funding to purchase this equipment. 

If you are unable to get an appointment with the CCHD, you may visit Ohio’s Vaccine Provider webpage to find other vaccine providers.  This page of providers is updated as new providers become available, not only in Clinton County but also throughout Ohio. The web address of this page is:

School Staff Vaccines – Ohio’s K-12 teachers and those school personnel necessary to provide in person education to students begin also begin February 1, 2021. Due to the scarcity of vaccine, this process will take weeks. CCHD officials meet weekly with K-12 administrators for COVID-related planning. Teachers and staff with questions should contact their school administrators.

Three COVID Deaths Reported – Three new COVID deaths were reported to the CCHD yesterday.  All 3 deaths were females: one in her 70s, one in her 50s, and one in her 40s. Out of respect for the families and friends of these women, no additional information will be released. We offer our deepest sympathies to their loved ones.

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