The Preschool Basic Parenting Program

The Preschool Basic Parenting Program in Clinton County, Ohio is designed for parents with children ages three to six years old.

(This program complements other Incredible Years programming occurring, for teachers and children, in Clinton County.)

The Preschool Basic Parenting Program strengthens parent-child interactions and attachment, reducing harsh discipline and fosters the parents’ ability to promote children’s social, emotional, and language development. Parents also learn how to build school readiness skills and are encouraged to partner with teachers and day care professionals so they can promote children’s emotional regulation and social skills. In the parenting groups, facilitators trained in the Incredible Years® program use video clips of real-life situational vignettes to support the training and trigger parenting group discussions, problem-solving, and practice exercises.

Short Term Goals:

  • Improved parent-child interactions, building positive relationships and attachment
  • Improved parental functioning, less harsh and more nurturing parenting, and increased parental social support and problem-solving
  • Improved teacher-student relationships, proactive classroom management skills and strength­ened teacher-parent partnerships
  • Prevention, reduction and treatment of early onset conduct behaviors and emotional problems
  • Promotion of child social competence, emotional regulation, positive attributions, academic readiness and problem-solving

Long Term Goals:

  • Prevention of conduct disorders, academic underachievement, delinquency, violence and drug abuse

This information is taken from the Incredible Years website.  The website is the best source of information about Incredible Years Programs.

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