Clinton County Health District, OHIO COVID & Flu Vaccination Clinics Week of October 4th

CCHD will host another “Drive-Thru” style COVID & Flu Vaccination Clinic on Wednesday, October 6th from 1pm-4pm in the parking lot of the former campus of Southern State Community College (SSCC) located at 1850 Davids Drive in Wilmington. Individuals should pre-register for a vaccination time slot at this link:

“This clinic is made possible by strong partnerships with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Management Agency, and Engineer’s Office along with Southern State Community College”, said Pamela Walker-Bauer, Health Commissioner, “We tested our process this past week and we will expand capacity next week with the help of our many community volunteers.”

Other Clinics:  CCHD and our community volunteers will also provide COVID & Flu vaccinations in the following locations next week: Ferno, Nike Center (Board of Developmental Disabilities), Clinton County Job and Family Services, Wilmington College and East Clinton Schools. These clinics are specific to those organizations and not open to the general public. If you have questions about these clinics, please contact the administration of those organizations.

Booster doses of the Pfizer/Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine are now available for the following populations at least six months after completion of the primary Pfizer series, meaning at least six months after the second dose was administered: 

  • People 65 years and older or residents in long-term care settings SHOULD receive a booster shot.  
  • People ages 50 to 64 with certain underlying medical conditions SHOULD receive a booster shot.  
  • People ages 18 to 49 with certain underlying medical conditions MAY receive a booster shot based on their individual benefits and risks. The CDC has indicated that this is a determination made by the vaccine recipient, but those eligible are encouraged to talk to their healthcare providers if they have any questions. 
  • People age 18 and older who are at increased risk for COVID-19 exposure and transmission because of their job or living in an institutional setting MAY receive a booster shot based on their individual benefits and risks. The CDC has indicated that this is a determination made by the vaccine recipient.

For a list of underlying medical conditions visit: Eligible booster recipients will be asked to attest they have one of the qualifying conditions, but specific proof will not be required.

Booster doses for Moderna or Johnson and Johnson (J&J) have not yet been authorized, but 1st, 2nd or 3rd dose Moderna and 1st dose J&J   brands of COVID vaccine are available. Seasonal flu shots are also available and can be given at the same time as any COVID vaccine. Please bring your medical card to your appointment.

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