Energy Harbor Letter from the County Commissioners

Updated 3/1/2021- Opt-out is by mail and phone only. If you have any questions, please call Valerie Bluhm at 419-491-1040 or Amy Hoffman at 419-491-1006

Clinton County residents are being given a choice of electric providers through a program called electric aggregation.

Electric Aggregation

The Commissioners work with a broker to find the best rates for electric for Clinton County residents. The company selected this round is Energy Harbor. Letters arriving this week are legitimate and sent out under the direction of the County Commissioners (please see sample letter below).

If you want to be part of this electric aggregation program with Energy Harbor, you do not need to do anything.


Residents who choose to stay with their current service provider must opt-out of the new electric aggregation agreement. You may opt-out in two ways:

  • MAIL- return the enclosed opt-out form
  • PHONE: Call Energy Harbor at 1-866-636-3749

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