COVID-19 Survey assists healthcare workers with contact tracing

You feel sick and suspect you have COVID-19. A positive test result confirms your suspicions. What happens next? 

The Clinton County Health Department is notified about the test result and put to work their contact tracers who attempt to call every person you may have come into contact with while contagious, which is a time-intensive and complicated procedure. 

You can expedite the process of contact tracing by completing a short survey. The Clinton County Health District is using this online form to collect information from COVID-19 positive patients. This information helps our nurses better understand what is happening in our community, identify disease trends, find outbreak clusters, and identify close contacts that may need to be quarantined.

Completing this form online helps our nurses keep pace with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases that our community is seeing.

Once this survey is completed, we will call or email you with any questions. We will also develop a letter that documents that you have been placed in isolation by the health department. You and your “Close Contacts” will NOT receive release letters if you do not complete this survey.

Information provided in this form is confidential and is for health department use only.


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