Anliot Davidson Nature Preserve
885 Pyle Road
Clarksville, OH 45113
Phone Number:
(937) 382-4739

Anliot-Davidson Nature Preserve was the second CCPD park, founded in October 2002 in Adams Township. It was named in honor of Wilmington College biology professor Fred Anliot for his impact on students and residents, and his concern for the environment. In addition to Anliot, Bob and Glenda Davidson are credited in the name of the park as the previous owners. The Davidsons tended to the forest after purchasing it in the mid-1960s and sold the property below market value to the CCPD in 2002. The CCPD was able to secure a competitive $50,000 grant to purchase the place. After acquiring the property, the CCPD built a parking lot, bridges, benches, and a variety of trail markers. With 58 acres of rolling topography dominated by a mixed forest of deciduous hardwoods and evergreens, the park boasts beauty as well as biodiversity. There is a paved parking lot with five benches, an information display, and two waste containers. There are 0.8 miles of hiking trails, with three different types: white, yellow, and blue. White and yellow trails are strenuous with steep inclines. There is a rich biodiversity of ferns (12 species), trees (51 species), and many wildflowers and birds. A demonstration prairie is surrounding the parking lot offering 18 species of wildflowers among warm-season grasses.

885 Pyle Road - 1 mi. east of Clarksville Road and Pyle Road in Adams Township. 58 acres of steep rolling topography dominated by a mixed forest of deciduous hardwoods and evergreens with white CCPD boundary posts. 0.8 miles of hiking trails. Limited bow hunting by written permission of the park board. Open to the public for passive recreation. Contact Bob Thobaben for further information (937) 382-4739.