Nutrition Education

Every participant is offered nutrition counseling at each certification/recertification visit.

During the 6 month certification period, another opportunity for nutrition education
and individual counseling is offered. Card/Coupon pickup is scheduled at the same visit.

Some participants will be asked to see the health professional for follow up. If you need to bring your child for follow up, it should be marked on your WIC ID folder.

However, most participants will be able to complete this nutrition contact in another way.

A visit to WIC’s bulletin board display or reading a nutrition information page; then completing a short questionnaire may be all that is needed.

For those who are pregnant you may chose a nutrition education class related to infant feeding.

OR you may do Internet Nutrition Education

You may visit on the web and complete an activity there.

Just follow the simple instructions to get started.

When you finish the education module, you will be asked to complete a short survey. Your answers will be kept private and will be used to help improve the site.

When you are finished, print the certificate of completion and place it in your WIC ID folder to give to the WIC staff at your next clinic visit…


You may email the certificate:

Click “Edit”
Then “Select all”
Click “Edit” again
Click “Copy”
Go to your email, then type “Ed on Web – your name” in the subject line of the email
Click on the body of your email
On the upper menu bar Click “Edit” and “Paste”
Send your email to:

This takes the place of completing a nutrition education module at the clinic.

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