BreastfeedPregnant women are encouraged to consider breastfeeding as an option for their babies.

  • Both mother’s and baby’s health are improved through breast feeding.
  • Breast milk provides superior nutrition for babies
  • Breast milk has protection from disease
  • Human fat in breast milk enhances brain development
  • Women who breastfeed lose less blood post delivery
  • Women who breastfeed at least 1 year have a reduced risk of
    • heart disease
    • stroke
    • high blood pressure
    • diabetes
    • high cholesterol
    • breast cancer and ovarian cancer

WIC can help women returning to work or school obtain a breast pump to help continue breastfeeding.

To visit the Ohio Department of Health – WIC website for breastfeeding resources

Click on “Breastfeeding Corner” which has links for:

  • Hunger Signs
  • Calming Your Fussy Baby
  • Four Steps to a Great Latch
  • Finding a board certified lactation consultant in your area

Other Resources

LaLeche League website:

Kellymom website:

This website also offers many links to other sources of reliable information.

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