Public Health Nursing

Public health nurse

Public Health Nurses provide a variety of services including: immunizations; service coordination and home visiting to children with special health care needs; a comprehensive school health program; quality health education to families and community agencies throughout Clinton County.

The term Public Health Nursing was coined more than 100 years ago with the goal of providing community-based services to people in need.  Public Health Nurses often bridge the gap between institutions and communities by taking education and direct services to the people.  The first Public Health Nurses provided services anywhere people in need could be found including in their homes, workplaces, and schools.  Today, the mission continues and with new emerging issues such as bioterrorism, the role of the Public Health Nurse is needed now more than ever.

Nursing Services work collaboratively with individuals, families, and communities to identify, plan, and deliver public health services with respect to human dignity by protecting and improving the health of our communities and schools.

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