Clinton County, Ohio Child Protection Investigative Unit

Ohio Law requires that all allegations of abuse or neglect be investigated by a public children services agency.

The Clinton County, Ohio Investigative Unit is responsible for investigating reports of child abuse.  An Investigative Worker is on call to take all after-hours calls as well as all reports made on holidays and weekends.

Once an investigation is open, the Investigative Unit is responsible for completing interviews of everyone who lives in the home as well as all parents, alleged child victims, alleged perpetrators and witnesses.  The investigators also gather any evidence that may support the disposition of an investigation.

The Investigative Caseworker must reach a disposition on all cases that are investigated.  Cases can be dispostioned as either substantiated, indicated or unsubstantiated.  After a case is dispositioned, the Investigative Unit may then either close the case or transfer it to the Protective Services Unit.

Children Services investigations are not criminal investigations and are intended to ensure that children are safe.  Law enforcement is contacted when there is reason to believe a crime has been committed.

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