Clinton County Foster Care Manual

Section One

Visit the Ohio Administrative Code.  To locate the Ohio Foster Care Rules, scroll the files on the left side of the page until you find 5101:2  Division of Social Services.  Click on that folder and there you will find the Ohio Administrative Codes pertaining to Children Services, including Foster Care Rules.  If you have trouble finding the information you need, please contact Clinton County Children Services at 937-382-5935.

Section Two

Agency Foster Care Policies

2.1    Accessibility of the Administrator or Designee

2.2   Job Description Policy

2.3    Children’s Rights

2.4    Discipline Policy

2.5    Religious Participation

2.6    Socialization and Education for Children in Out-Of-Home Settings

2.7    Comprehensive Recruitment Plan

2.8    General Requirements for Foster Caregivers and Applicants

2.9    Agency Assessment of an Initial Application

2.10  Foster Home Certificate

2.11  Site and Safety Requirements

2.12  Criminal Records Check required for Employees and Certified Foster Caregivers

2.13   Retained Applicant Fingerprint Database Information Exchange (RAPBACK)

2.14 Form and Duration of a Foster Home Certificate

2.15  Termination of a Foster Home Certificate

2.16  Cause for Denial of Initial Certification or Revocation of Foster Home Certificate

2.17  Initial Application for Child Placement

2.18  Preplacement and Continuing Training Programs

2.19  Foster Caregiver Preplacement and Continuing Training

2.20  Change in Household Occupancy Change in Address

2.21 Foster Home Recertificaton Procedure

2.22  WalMart charge account

2.23 Foster Caregiver Payment Policy

2.24  Foster Care Rates

2.25  Foster Caregiver Training Stipends

2.26  Care and Treatment Plan

2.27  Good Cause Policy

2.28  Waivers

2.29  Variances

2.30  Revocation Denial of Initial or Recertification

2.31  Notification of Convictions of 12-18 Year Olds

2.32  Required Notification – Death of a Foster Child

2.33  Liability Insurance and Compensation for Damages

2.34   Legal Representation, Legal Fees, Counseling Legal Advocacy for Foster Caregivers

2.35  Matching Children and Foster Placements

2.36  Occupancy Limitations and Accessibility

2.37 Caseworker Visits and Contacts with Children in Substitute Care

2.38  Child’s Discharge for Out of Home Care Setting

2.39  Care of a Foster Child Under Age Two

2.40 Foster Caregiver Grievance Policy

2.41  Sharing or Transfer of a Foster Home

2.42  Respite Policy

2.43  Investigations of Abuse and /or Neglect Involving a Family Foster Home

2.44  Foster to Adopt Notification

2.45 Adoption of a Child Residing with Caregiver 12 Consecutive Months

2.46  Foster to Adopt Approval Policy

2.47  Adoption Review Procedures

2.48  Non-Discrimination Requirements for Foster Care Placements

2.49  Procedure for Complaints of Alleged Discriminatory Acts

2.50  Multi-Ethnic Placement Act

2.51 Alternative Care Arrangements

2.52  Records and Confidentiality

2.53  Child Records

2.54  Child and Teenage Mother’s Civil Rights

2.55  Human Research Projects, Fund Raising and Publicity Activities

2.56  Volunteer and College Intern

2.57  Creating Lifebooks for Children in Out-of-Home Placements

2.58  Meals in the Foster Home

2.59  Health Services

2.60  Family Foster Homes with Swimming Pools

2.61  Family Foster Homes with Trampolines

2.62  Family Foster Homes with All-Terrain Vehicles

2.63  Foster Child Smoking

2.64  Semi-Annual Review

2.65  Foster Child Haircuts

2.66  Foster Child Home Alone

2.67  Foster Child Dating

2.68  Foster Child Employment

2.69  Foster Child Overnight Stays

2.70  Sleeping Arrangements

2.71  Foster Child Tattoo and Piercings

2.72  Transportation

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