How Child Support Services Can Help

The CSEA offers the following services:

Establishment of Paternity

Genetic tests may be required to establish paternity.  The court may order the legal father to pay for the genetic tests.

Location of Absent Parents

The CSEA can assist in finding where an absent parent is currently living, in which city, town or state.

Establishment of a Support Order

Upon establishing paternity, or upon the absence of a parent from the home, the CSEA can assist you in obtaining a support order.  If the absent parent has no income or assets, the court may order that the parent seek work.

Adjustment of a Support Order

Your child support order and health insurance order may be received every 36 months at the request of either party.  The CSEA will objectively review the information provided and make an independent recommendation on the level of child support in accordance with the Child Support Guidelines.

Enforcement of a Support Order

Upon obtaining a support order, the CSEA will help enforce the order.  Some enforcement methods include: contacting the absent parent by phone or mail, obtaining wage withholding orders, intercepting bonuses and income tax returns, and bringing legal action against the absent parent.

Medical Support

The CSEA establishes orders for reimbursement of birthing costs for cases in which paternity is established.  The CSEA establishes and enforces orders for the parents to obtain health insurance covering the children or pay the cost of medical care.

Termination of Orders

In cases where all children have emancipated and all arrearages are paid, the CSEA notifies the court of reason to terminate child support payments.  All orders must be prepared in accordance with legal requirements and are subject to the discretion of the court.

Collecting and Disbursing Child Support Payments

All court ordered child support must be paid through the CSEA.  Support withheld from the absent parent’s pay must be forwarded to the CSEA within 10 working days of the date withheld.  The CSEA processes and mails all payments received within 48 hours.

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