Transportation to VAMC Dayton and Chillicothe

Clinton County Veterans’ Service Commission Veterans Transportation Program

Rules, Regulations and Scheduling

(1) The Clinton County VSC will provide transportation for veterans with scheduled medical appointments to and from the Dayton or Chillicothe VA Medical Center. (Ohio Veterans Law Ref 5901.14)

(2) The van will leave Wilmington from the County Administration Human Resources building (on East Sugartree Street at South Lincoln Street) in sufficient time to arrive at the first scheduled appointment. Private vehicles may be parked in the rear portions of the parking lot.

(3) All rides will be scheduled through the VSO. A copy of your appointment card or letter of appointment confirmation is required (unless the VA has set up your appointment via telephone). All rides must be scheduled a minimum of three working days in advance.

(4) If there is a change in your appointment, you must notify the VSO of the change.

(5) Normal transportation times may vary depending on appointment times. If no appointments are scheduled on a given day, no trip will be made.

(6) Transportation reservations for travel to the VAMC Dayton should be made with VSO at 937-382-3233 as soon as possible after the appointment is known but no later than three working days prior to the appointment (unless the VA short fuse scheduling has occurred by phone).

(7) The VSO has a wheelchair accessible van to provide transportation to the Dayton VAMC for veterans who make use of wheelchairs or electric scooters. Patients in stretchers cannot be assisted in our vehicle. Please advise the VSO that your appointment requires the use of the wheelchair accessible van when you make your transportation request.


Wheelchaired or stretchered veterans can schedule free transportation via the VA Special Transportation Program at VAMC Dayton Travel Desk 740-733-1141 (800-368-8262, ext #1293). This program provides transportation from your home to the hospital and back, pre-scheduling is required. This program is only available to SCD (service connected disabled) veterans at 30% or higher who need wheelchairs or stretchers or NSC (non service connected) veterans who are under the Threshold Income (no co-pays) who need wheelchairs or stretchers.


(8) Veterans with scheduled appointments have the highest priority. A caregiver, for the purpose of providing aid and attendance to the veteran, will be permitted to ride in the van with the veteran, providing notice is given at the time of reservation.

(9) Patients being discharged or granted passes at the VAMC, may be transported during the trip back to Wilmington if space is available. The veteran must be ready to leave when the van departs the VAMC.


(10) Veterans should arrive a few minutes before the specified departure time. The driver is not required to wait. It is the responsibility of the veteran or their family members to contact Veterans Service at 382-3233 as soon as possible regarding appointment cancellations.

(11) Passengers are not permitted to smoke, chew or pinch tobacco, drink alcohol, use foul language, or bring weapons, un-prescribed drugs or any illegal substance or contraband on the van.

(12) Passengers should not engage in any activity that would distract the driver’s attention.

(13) Passengers shall wear seat belts at all times unless there is lawful medical documentation that would prevent it. Transportation will be denied to any passenger who refuses to buckle their seat belt.

(14) All trash must be placed in the proper trash receptacle.

(15) Only articles small enough to be held on the passenger’s lap or placed under the seat, will be permitted on the van.

(16) Patients utilizing the van will not be permitted to receive reimbursement for travel from the VAMC. A list of passengers traveling in the van will be given to the VAMC upon arrival.

(17) Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in loss of transportation privileges.


(18) The van driver is not to lift or give routine medical care to any passenger.

(19) The van driver will stop only to pick up and discharge passengers, except for emergency or rest stops.  Passengers should not request the driver to make side trips for personal business.

(20) The driver may refuse transportation to any veteran to ill to ride in the van. The van driver may refuse transportation to any passenger who is intoxicated, abusive or poses a threat to the driver or any passengers on the van. VSC is ultimately accountable for drivers’s decision and passenger’s privilege to ride.

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