What is the Veterans’ Service Office


Organized under ORC (Ohio Revised Code (Ohio Law)) Title 59, Chapter 5901.

Office staff is employed under the hiring procedures of a county government under the selection guidance of a Veterans’ Commission.

A VSO office staff size is determined by the veteran population size of a given county and the VSO operating budget.

Commission members are appointed by a County Common Pleas Court Judge who appoints five (5) honorably discharged veterans to serve as Commissioners.*

These Commissioners are chosen from a local military service organization, such as the American Legion, VFW (Veterans Of Foreign Wars), Marine Corps League, DAV (Disabled American Veterans), AMVETS (American Veterans), Vietnam Veteran’s of America, or any of the other service organizations chartered by U.S. Congress.

* These are not the same individuals known as County Commissioners who are the three elected officials elected to manage each of Ohio’s eighty-eight county governments. 

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