Clinton County Regional Planning | Who We Are


Executive Committee Leadership

  • Dwayne Dearth- Chair
  • Michelle Morrison- Vice Chair
  • John Cohmer- Associate Vice Chair
  • Robert Thobaben- Secretary
  • Jon Branstrator- Treasurer

Planning Commissioners

  • Dauna Armstrong–County
  • Bruce Beam–County
  • Ryan Bowman–County
  • Jon Branstrator–County
  • Ruth Brindle–Wilmington
  • Dwayne Dearth–County
  • John Cohmer–New Vienna
  • John Carman–Blanchester
  • Brook Edwards–County
  • Dean Hawk–Sabina
  • Robert Johnson–Port William
  • Mike McCarty–County
  • Michelle Morrison–County
  • James Myers–County
  • Matt Purkey–Wilmington
  • Damian Snyder–County
  • Donald Spurling–Midland
  • Robert Thobaben–Clarksville
  • Vacant–Martinsville
  • Vacant–County

Since the CCRPC is uniquely structured to support planning efforts across political boundaries, it serves as an important leadership forum for development and planning issues that face the entire County.

The CCRPC drafted the County’s first Comprehensive Plan and the most recent update and administers the Clinton County Subdivision Regulations, as well as drafts the Clinton County Zoning Resolution and develops/contributes to economic development efforts across the County and within the villages, townships and the City of Wilmington.

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