Records Management


Box Label

Box Inventory Sheet

Transfer for Storage

Transfer for Storage

Transfer for Scanning

Transfer for Scanning/Microfilming

RC Forms and Record Destruction

Instructions for Immediate Destruction of Records

RC-1: Application for One Time Disposal

RC-3: Certificate of Records Disposal

Retention Schedules

Department Last updated
General Schedule 2013-08-21
Auditor 2017-06-26
Board of Commissioners 2014-01-15
Board of Elections
Secretary of State Retention Schedule Chart
Developmental Disabilities 2018-02-28
Building and Zoning 2015-01-13
Clerk of Courts 2009-03-18
Coroner 2013-08-21
Dog Warden 2013-08-21
Engineer 2016-01-27
Family and Children First Council 2014-04-24
Human Resources / Insurance 2014-06-10
Job & Family Services 2016-01-27
Law Library – adopted General Schedule 2014-05-07
Microfilm Board 2013-08-21
Prosecuting Attorney
Public Defender 2015-01-13
Recorder 2015-08-23
Records Commission 2013-12-03
Regional Planning Commission 2013-02-13
Sheriff 2013-02-13
Soil and Water Conservation District 2015-10-14
Solid Waste Management District 2007-02-16
Title (Clerk of Courts) 2013-12-03
Treasurer 2013-12-03
Veterans’s Service Commission 2013-12-03
Health Department – Special Taxing District Last Updated
Administration 2002-02-08
Environmental 2002-02-08
Nursing 2002-02-08
WIC 2002-02-08
Vital Statistics 2002-02-08

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