eRecording Information

Electronically Record Your Documents in Our Office

What is eRecording?

Electronic Document Recording (eRecording) is a method of delivering and returning documents electronically from a submitters office to the recorder.  The actual recording of the document is still done by the recorder in their software system.  Recorded documents are returned electronically.

Benefits of eRecording:

  • eRecording helps to reduce the time from submission to return of documents, from 3-5 working days to within minutes or hours of the initial submission.
  • Save time, money and resources normally spent on document packaging, delivery and return.
  • Reduce rejections and document & payment errors.
  • No cutting and processing checks.  Payment of recording & eRecording fees is handled electronically.
  • Enhance document tracking & security.

Getting Started:

By contacting a trusted eRecording vendor (see below) you can have your office quickly setup to electronically submit documents to our office.

eRecording Partners:

ePN – eRecording Partners Network
Direct: 1-216-318-6368 – Main: 888-325-3365 ext 11234

CSC Corporation Service Company
eRecording Support 866-652-0111

IndeComm Global Services
Main:  1-877-272-5250

Sales Department Main: 1-800-460-5657

What kind of documents can be submitted for eRecording:

All documents with the exception of plats can be submitted for eRecording.

Please Note the following:

Documents are submitted in “payloads”.  A payload is a document or group of documents that are submitted as one transaction.  If you submit more than one document in a payload and any of the documents are rejected, the entire payload will be returned to you unrecorded with an explanation as to why.

You cannot submit a mortgage and related assignment in one payload.  The assignment will require the related mortgage information to be included on the assignment when submitted.  We suggest that you file the mortgage first.  After you receive confirmation that the mortgage has been recorded, you can then add the information to the assignment and submit for eRecording.

If you need additional information, please contact Brenda Huff at 937-382-2067 or email

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