Clinton County Recorder: Fee schedule

Current Schedule of Recording Fees (effective as of October 17, 2020)

First two pages  $34.00
    Each additional page    $8.00
Assisted Copies (per page)    $2.00
Unassisted Copies (per page)     $.25
Subdivision Plats 24″ X 36″  $80.00
Federal Liens    $5.00
Federal Release    $3.00
Bureau of Employment Services Lien  No Fee
Bureau of Employment Services Release    $4.00
Workers Compensation Lien  No Fee
Workers Compensation Release  No Fee
Township Zoning Resolutions  $50.00
Township Zoning Amendments  $20.00
Original, Amended, Correction or Continuation (on Real Estate only)  $12.00
   Each name to be indexed    $4.00
Termination  $12.00
   If on Real Esate each name to be indexed    $4.00
Search  $20.00

For a more detailed list of fees go to the Ohio Recorders Association

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