Long Term Disability Insurance

Clinton County, Ohio offers its employees a voluntary Long-Term Disability insurance plan.

Eligibility Requirements:

One America LogoYou must be actively at work and able to perform all normal duties of your job to be eligible for coverage.

You must work a minimum of 32 hours per week to be eligible for coverage.


If you become disabled, there is an elimination period before benefits are payable.

Your benefits begin:

  • After you have exhausted all of your sick leave; and
  •  90 days after the onset of your disabling injury or illness

Monthly Benefit:

Your benefit is equivalent to 60% of your before-tax monthly earnings, not to exceed $5,000 per month, less other income sources, such as workers’ compensation, OPERS disability.

The minimum monthly benefit is $50.

Maximum Benefit Period: If you become disabled prior to age 62, benefits are payable to age 65 or your Social Security Normal Retirement Age.  At age 62 (and older), the benefit period will be based on a reduced duration schedule.


Definition of Disability: The definition of disability or disabled mean that because of an injury or illness, a significant change in your mental or functional abilities has occurred, for which you are:

  • Prevented from performing at least one of the material duties of your regular occupation during the first 2 years od disability and after 2 years are unable to perform all of the material duties of any gainful occupation; and
  • During the first 2 years of disability are unable to generate current earnings which exceed 99% of your monthly earnings from your regular occupation, and after 2 years are unable to generate current earnings which exceed 85% of your monthly earnings from any gainful occupation.

You can be totally or partially disabled during the elimination period.

Definition of Monthly Earnings: Monthly earnings is the average gross monthly income you receive from your employer for the year immediately prior to the onset of disability which is used to determine your benefit in the event of a claim.  Earnings may include bonuses, overtime, shift differential pay or other extra compensation.


Pre-Existing Conditions: Disabilities that occur during the first 12 months of coverage due to a pre-existing condition during the 6 months prior to coverage are excluded.

Download the following forms to learn more and enroll in the Clinton County Group Life Insurance Plan

Group Life Enrollment kit, voluntary life and disability


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