Drug-Free Workplace

Clinton County has adopted a Drug-Free Workplace Policy county-wide, effective January 1, 2008.

The County believes that our employees are our most valuable resources, and for that reason, their health and safety are of paramount concern.  The County takes considerable pride in the work performed by its employees.  While the County has the greatest respect for the privacy of its employees, it must be understood that the County will not tolerate any alcohol and/or drug abuse.  Such negligence threatens the ability of our employees to maintain a safe, healthful, and efficient environment, which enhances the welfare of our employees.

Contact Person: Questions about the Drug-Free Workplace Policy should be direct to: The Human Resource Department at (937) 382-3784
Who will be tested? All employees and qualified applicants
What will be tested? Employees will be tested for the presence of illicit or illegally used drugs and alcohol.  Drugs to be tested may include: amphetamines, cocoaine, marijuana, opiates, methamphetamines and PCP.
Where will testing be conducted? Only DHHS/SAMHSA certified laboratories and qualified service professionals shall conduct urine specimen analysis under this policy.  Alcohol testing shall be done at a qualified health care facility using federally approved testing equipment.  During normal business hours, in Wilmington, testing is conducted at Corporate Health.
When will tests be performed? Employees will be tested on specified occasions: 

  1. Post-offer, pre-employment (drug test only).
  2. Where there is reasonable suspicion of prohibited substance use.
  3. Following an accident or injury.
  4. On a random basis for safety sensitive employees.
  5. Before returning to work following a violation.
  6. As a follow-up to a violation.
How will tests be conducted? Unless otherwise required or permitted by law, all tests will be conducted in accordance with federal guidelines (49 CFR Part 40 as amended), which conform to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation drug-free testing requirements.
Employee Assistance Program: The County encourages all those in need of assistance with a substance abuse issue to seek help.  The Risk and Insurance Manager shall maintain information regarding local service providers.

Drug and Alcohol use at work are prohibited.

Clinton County’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy is attached as a link at the bottom of this page.

Clinton County Drug-Free Workplace Policy


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