Benefit Eligibility

Clinton County, Ohio Employees are eligible for benefits if:

  • If you are a Full-Time Employee (Does Not Include Temporary, Seasonal, Part-Time) and;
  • Your scheduled working hours are 30 or more hours per week.
  • New Full-Time Employees are eligible the first day of the month following 30 days of consecutive employment.

Annual Benefit Enrollment

Annual Benefit Enrollment typically occurs in the fall for a January 1st effective date. Enrollment forms or changes must be submitted by the deadline to be considered a timely enrollment. Late enrollments may be subject to evidence of insurability requirements for some benefits.

Qualifying Events and Family Status Changes

Employees may make changes to their benefit elections at annual enrollment. Changes in enrollment may also be made during the calendar year only in the event there is a qualified family status change. The most common qualifying events and family status changes are listed below.

  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Death of a spouse or child
  • Marriage
  • Divorce or Legal Separation
  • Change in Spouse’s Benefit Eligibility or Loss of other Coverage
  • Dependent change in eligibility due to age, student status or marital status
  • Change in employee’s employment status (i.e. part time to full time)

If you experience a change in family status or a qualifying event and you wish to make a change to your benefit elections consistent with the event that occurred, you must complete a change in enrollment no later than the 30th day following the event. The request will be reviewed by the insurance carriers and you will be notified of the approval or denial for the request. After the 30th day, you will need to wait until the next open enrollment to change enrollment.

For employees who have a change in status from part-time or temporary to full time, enrollment forms must be submitted within 30 days of the change in status.

Download the Benefit Change Request Form

Dependent Eligibility

Medical/Dental and Vision Insurance
The health care reform law allows you to keep your children on your health plan until the end of the month in which they turn 26. That means that the maximum dependent age will be age 26 under the federal law. To be eligible for this coverage, children do not need to be financially dependent on you for support, claimed as dependents on your tax return, residents of your household, enrolled as students or unmarried to be eligible. Children-inlaw (spouses of children) and grandchildren are not eligible. “Children” includes natural children, legally adopted children, stepchildren and children who are dependent on you during the waiting period before adoption.

Ohio allows you to cover your adult dependent children from age 26 – 28. Certain rules apply to this coverage and eligibility must be met before they qualify. Additional premium is required by the participant to enroll in this coverage. Contact Human Resources for specific information on this extension of coverage.

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