Local Emergency Planning Commission

Board Members:

Jeff Linkous, Chairman (Clinton County Engineer)
Brian Prickett, Vice Chairman (Clinton County Sheriff’s Office)
Michael Jones, Secretary/Treasurer (Clinton County EMA)
Randy Riley (Clinton County Commissioner)
Mary Kay Vance (City of Wilmington/PIO)
Joe Koch (Clinton County Health Department)
Mark Wiswell (City of Wilmington Fire Department)
Fred Shutts (ABX Air)
Tony Nye (Clinton County Ag Society)

In 1986, Congress passed the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act.  This act was put in place to help increase public and private efforts to reduce the risks associated with storage and use of Hazardous materials.  This new law gave the public access to information about chemicals used and stored in their communities.

The Clinton County Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) was established to bring private industry together with local emergency response agencies in the Clinton County area.  The purpose of the LEPC is to help reduce the risk to the community from accidents involving hazardous chemicals.
Our Organization:

The Clinton County LEPC is made up of representatives from all aspects of the community.  They are: Transportation, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Elected Official, Fire, Health, Local Environment, and Community Groups.

LEPC’s were established under federal law, the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act.  LEPC’s are NOT first responders, however the Clinton County LEPC does have equipment for use by the first responders.  For information on attending a meeting please contact (937)382-6673.

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