Home Modifications/Environmental Accessibility Adaptations

These Home Modifications/Environmental Accessibility Adaptations providers have requested to be listed on our page. For a complete list of all DODD Certified Providers in Ohio please visit the Provider Search area of the Ohio Department of DD website at: www.dodd.ohio.gov

Jamie Spurling

6817 Lindley Worley Road
Pleasant Plain, Ohio  45162
Contact Name:  Jamie Spurling
Contact Email:  Jamie@livingbarrierfree.com
Visit:  http://www.livingbarrierfree.com/resources/

Serving:  All ages
Availability:  Monday – Friday Daytime
Funding Accepted:  Individual Options Waiver, Level 1 Waiver, Supported Living, Private Pay.
Specialty:  Home Modifications of bathrooms, ramps and anything that will add quality of life.

The Clinton County Board of DD invites all DODD Certified Providers interested in providing services to individuals in Clinton County to be included on our list. To do this, please click here: Provider Questionnaire. If you have any questions please contact Leslee Culbert at (937)382-7519 ext. 1321.

4425 State Route 730
Fax: (937) 382-6676

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm