Intervention In Lieu of Conviction (IILC) Officer Kenneth W.Houghtaling Sr.


Ken Houghtaling

Intervention-In-Lieu of Conviction is a statute that allows individuals who are charged with selected felony offenses to participate in approved program(s), and if successful, have their charge(s) dismissed.  For the complete statute please see Ohio Revised Code, Section 2951.041.

Due to the expanded eligibility provided by House Bill 86, the Court experienced an increase in the filings of motions for “Intervention-In-Lieu of Conviction”.  As a result, the Court hired Kenneth Houghtaling as an IILC Officer to specifically supervise these cases.

Mr. Houghtaling’s contact information:

Office: 937-382-4276  Ext:  1139

Fax: 937-383-1806





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