Clinton County Common Pleas Court Supervision: Driving Privileges

Driving Privileges can be granted to individuals whose license has been suspended by the Clinton County, Ohio Common Pleas Court who meet the following criteria:

  • Must pay a $25.00 fee for the filing of a driving privileges petition (change requests cost $10)
  • Must have no other suspensions or obstacles to their license other than the Clinton County Common Pleas Court suspension (this includes reinstatement fees, suspensions from other Courts, warrant blocks, etc.)
  • Must have verifiable proof of financial responsibility (SR 22 bond, insurance, etc.)
  • Must complete the Driving Privileges worksheet and turn it in along with the appropriate fee and proof of financial responsibility to the supervising probation officer

Once these criteria are met, a petition for driving privileges may be filed.  Final decisions on the granting of privileges lie solely in the presiding Judge of the Common Pleas Court.  All fees are non-refundable.


Driving Privileges worksheet for website 10-14-11

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