Clinton County Ohio Food Safety Program

The Clinton County Oho Food Safety Program annually licenses food service operations, retail food establishments, mobiles, temporary food events and vending locations.  The goal of this program is to ensure that food sold in Clinton County is safe and served in a clean environment through the enforcement of Ohio’s Food Safety Regulations. The environmental staff also investigates customer complaints and reviews and approves plans for all new and remodeled food facilities.


3717-1 Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code
3717 Retail Food Establishments;Food Service Operations
3701-21 Food Service Operation Supplemental Rules
Chapter 901:3-4-01 Retail Food Establishment Supplemental Rules

Applications – Forms

Food Service Operation/Retail Food Establishment Plan Review Guidelines and Application
Inspecting Agencies Sign-off Form
Mobile Food Service Plan Review Guidelines and Application
Temporary Food Service Guidelines and Application

Additional Info

Clean-up Procedures for Vomit/Fecal Accidents

Clean-up Procedures for Vomit/Fecal Accidents II

Employee Illness Reporting

Certification in Food Protection Training
Handwashing Poster
Allergy Awareness Poster
First Aid Food Choking Poster
Cottage Food

Cottage Food II

Home Bakery

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