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What is Family Support Services?

Family Support Services (FSS) is a program that provides supports, services, and help to:

  • enable family to care for their family member with disabilities at home; and
  • enhance the quality of life for that family, including the individual with developmental disabilities.

Who can receive Family Support Services?

If you have a family member with developmental disabilities living at home, he or she may be able to receive FSS.  The family member with disabilities must be ELIGIBLE for county board services.  Contact Heather Gundlach, FSS Coordinator, at (937) 382-7519 to find out about eligibility.  FSS is family driven. All inquiries must come from the family seeking funds.  Funds can only be used if the item or services requested cannot be funded by other sources.  Items and services requested must be prescribed by a therapist or doctor.

How much will FSS cost the family?

Families are required to make co-payments based on the sliding scale below:

Annual Taxable Income                                              Co-Payment

$27,258 or less                                                               0%

$27,259 to $37,759                                                        10%

$37,760 to $48,260                                                        30%

$48,261 to $62,261                                                        50%

$62,262 to $79,762                                                        75%

$79,763 and above                                                        100%

Who provides the service?

The FSS program is administered through the County Boards of DD.  The funds are provided through the state legislature and distributed by the Ohio Department of DD.

What items and services are provided?

  • Respite care providers are typically chosen by the family (respite care providers must pass background check);
  • adaptive equipment;
  • other services individualized to each family’s need;
  • special diets; and
  • home modifications to accommodate the family member with disabilities (home must be owned by family).

What determines whether or not requests are funded?

County Board of DD will fund family requests if:

  • family is eligible for services;
  • county has funds available;
  • items or services are available;
  • the item or services cannot be funded by other sources; and
  • request is consistent with County Board’s plan and FSS philosophy.


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